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Welcome to you all!

Welcome to the site of the introduction week 2007 for the courses International Media and Entertainment Management and International Game Architecture and Design of the NHTV Breda.

The IMEM / IGAD Introducion Committee


First of all we want to congratulate you on gaining a place on the Media and Entertainment or the Game Architecture and Design course. Because we want you to get to know your fellow students before you start school, we have organized an introduction week for you. The theme for this year is “Survive and Conquer”.

“Survive and Conquer” will be your goal for the introduction week and in your up coming daily study life. So be prepared to have fun and experience the unexpected and exiting way of being a student at the NHTV in BREDA. YOU, the International Media and Entertainment management students, as well as the international Game architecture and design students will be target, hunter and observer.

NHTV Per Intro Borrel

To survive the game with a high score YOU have to stick together with your team, prove your bravery, creativity and your willingness.

By the end of the week you will be proved as a real NHTV student, ready to discover the challenges of your study programme.

To start the game you have to be on time, bring your surviving kit, a positive attitude and the will to stick with your squad.

BUT SOLDIERS! Nothing is for free and a good battle needs to be planned and configured. So sign up right away and transfer the fee on time!